Francesco opened the PR to merge the Rubi module in SymPy. I made the code compatible for python<3.6 to pass the Travis tests. I used @doctest_depends_on function decorator to stop the doctest for python<3.6 and defined dummy classes to pass the tests. We are keeping the PR open for now since it will allow me to run tests on Travis and I expect significant change in code after code generation functionality is added in MatchPy.


I have updated the parser to accommodate for Wildcard.optional(). Previously, I sympified the expression and substituted the optional values to create new patterns. The current parser does not use sympy and is very fast compared to previous version.


I ran the test suit for algebraic rules 1.2 previously and ~1250/1500 tests were passing. The tests are really slow since they use simplify and expand functions. I tried using numerical evaluation at random points and it turned out to be faster than evaluating tests symbolically. Test suits are grouped by the type of expression:

# Integrands of the form a

[S(0), x, S(1), S(0)],
[S(1), x, S(1), x],
[S(5), x, S(1), S(5)*x],
[ - S(2), x, S(1), - S(2)*x],

# Integrands of the form x**m
[x**m, x, S(1), x**(S(1) + m)/(S(1) + m)],
[x**S(100), x, S(1), S(1)/S(101)*x**S(101)],
[x**S(3), x, S(1), S(1)/S(4)*x**S(4)],

# Integrands of the form x**(m/S(2))
[x**(S(5)/S(2)), x, S(1), S(2)/S(7)*x**(S(7)/S(2))],
[x**(S(3)/S(2)), x, S(1), S(2)/S(5)*x**(S(5)/S(2))],
[x**(S(1)/S(2)), x, S(1), S(2)/S(3)*x**(S(3)/S(2))],

# Integrands of the form x**(m/S(3))
[x**(S(5)/S(3)), x, S(1), S(3)/S(8)*x**(S(8)/S(3))],
[x**(S(4)/S(3)), x, S(1), S(3)/S(7)*x**(S(7)/S(3))],
[x**(S(2)/S(3)), x, S(1), S(3)/S(5)*x**(S(5)/S(3))],

Adding thousands of tests could lead to slowdown of tests. So far my plan is to add 1-2 test from each expression type:

[S(0), x, S(1), S(0)],
[x**m, x, S(1), x**(S(1) + m)/(S(1) + m)],
[x**S(100), x, S(1), S(1)/S(101)*x**S(101)],
[x**(S(5)/S(2)), x, S(1), S(2)/S(7)*x**(S(7)/S(2))],

While inspecting the failed tests, I figured out that the failing tests depend on rules from other modules(such as binomials). Hence, they could not be integrated currently.

Adding more rules

I have added all algebriac rules to the matcher(~1700). But, it led to significant decrease in speed. In some cases, the matcher take so much time that I have to stop the program itself. I have opened an issue for this. Hope this get fixed asap.

I have added all Algebriac rules to the matcher.


I have already added all algebraic rules which is 1/5 of all the rules. I cannot really test all those rules until the speed issue gets fixed. I will focus on the following this week:

  • Once speed is fixed, start testing other modules
  • Prepare test for remaining rubi modules (add tests from each expression type)
  • Rename Integer in rubi.symbols to matchpyInteger
  • Add support for code generation in Rubi if it gets implemented in MatchPy(Manuel said he was working on it last week)