I ran the test suit for algebraic rules 1.2. Here is the report:

Total number of tests: 1480
Passed: 130
Failed: 1350
Time taken to run the tests: 4967.428s

Very few test passed since many rules use ExpandIntegrand[ ] function to evaluate its integral. There are 37 definitions of ExpandIntegrand[ ](for different expressions). I am trying to implement few definitions which can are used in algebraic rules. The problem is that ExpandIntegrand[ ] is defined after 50% of all the rules in the list. We have only been able to complete 10% of utility functions in SymPy. Hence, it is tricky to implement ExpandIntegrand[ ] when it depends on functions which we haven’t implemented.

A good thing is that MatchPy was able to match almost all the patterns. Manuel said that he is going to work on incorporating optional arguments in MatchPy next week. I will rework on Rubi parser to incorporate his changes.

I will complete my work on ExpandIntegrand[ ] and also continue my work in implementing remaining utility functions with Abdullah.